Why doesn’t God heal our Scoliosis?

This month’s article is a flashback to August of 2016, where I addressed this very common question. I’ve made a few tweaks to it, to reflect what I’ve learned since then (after 3 years of seminary), but, for the most part, I still agree with it. How has God worked in YOUR life to provideContinue reading “Why doesn’t God heal our Scoliosis?”

Looking back on…Thanksgiving…2010!

This post was from Thanksgiving in 2010. So much was different then. My beloved Grandmother was still alive, the kids were young enough to appreciate a hotel with a pool, and the family in general still enjoyed road trips. One thing really rung true with me from this post is how great it felt toContinue reading “Looking back on…Thanksgiving…2010!”

How we advocated for our kids’ scoliosis

This month’s article is a flashback to May 8, 2009 to our son’s fist visit with the Orthopedic specialist. We knew that the “wait and see” approach was not a good approach, and we were ready to go to battle. You can see the article in its entirety HERE. The main focus was how weContinue reading “How we advocated for our kids’ scoliosis”

Looking back on our first hard brace…

This month, we are looking back on my post from October 14, 2009 titled “Our new adventure with the Cheneau brace.” This recounts the time of our FIRST visit with Luke, founder of National Scoliosis Center, before National Scoliosis Center existed. He was still working at Orthotic Solutions when we first visited. Working with LukeContinue reading “Looking back on our first hard brace…”

Savy Leiser – Entrepreneur, Writer, Youtuber and Scoliosis Warrior

I recently began following a young YouTuber named Savy at her channel Savy Writes Books.  The focus of her channel is writing, talking about business, and reviewing books (including business and self-help books).  I started following her because she was critiquing a few popular self-help books and I appreciated her insight, candor, and understanding ofContinue reading “Savy Leiser – Entrepreneur, Writer, Youtuber and Scoliosis Warrior”

What about sports and Scoliosis?

This is a very important topic and a concern that many new patients and their parents worry about. My daughter wrote HER OWN RESPONSE to this question in 2016, but it is definitely worth re-visiting. When my daughter was first diagnosed, the only sport that our Orthotist told us to avoid was gymnastics. Both ofContinue reading “What about sports and Scoliosis?”

I see you, I hear you, I know: Scoliosis is difficult

The past 5 months have been a bit of a blur. I’ve been finding out what it means to push past exhaustion – physically and mentally. I’ve been chasing my new calling and it’s been a mid-race push. Nearly 12 years ago, I was called by God to put my efforts wholeheartedly into the actContinue reading “I see you, I hear you, I know: Scoliosis is difficult”

The Long and Winding Road …. Eventually Ends.

This is a photo of my two little Scoliosis warriors – 11 years ago. This was already a couple of years into our journey and when our son got his first brace. He was 5 and actually EXCITED for a brace because he saw his sister wearing one for close to two years by then.Continue reading “The Long and Winding Road …. Eventually Ends.”

At least it’s not cancer.

“At least it’s not cancer…”  How many of us have heard this when we inform others that our child has been diagnosed with Scoliosis?  How many of us think this ourselves?  Or, maybe the flipside – “At least it’s JUST Scoliosis.” I have seen cancer touch so many people’s lives over the past year… I’veContinue reading “At least it’s not cancer.”

A new Scoliosis bracing solution – much closer to home.

Most people who read my blog know that I’m not a fan of the Boston brace.  However, two years ago, when my son had to return to bracing after a several year hiatus, his curves were still very mild (25 degree-ish).  In order to save a lot of time and money going to the NationalContinue reading “A new Scoliosis bracing solution – much closer to home.”