Tina is a mother of 2 Scoliosis patients and a wife to another.  She is an entrepreneur (www.EmBracedInComfort.com), providing comfortable undergarments for patients who wear Scoliosis braces.  She is also a full-time seminarian, on track to become an ordained Pastor of Word and Sacrament with the Lutheran Church ELCA.  Her hobbies include sewing (not for business), playing the piano and violin and singing, and doing community theater.

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  1. Thank you so much. My husband had seen an article about the TornadoSuit and when poking around on the internet, found your blog. You have given me so much hope. I was drawn in instantly when I read that you are a woman of faith and are a theatre community actress. Thank you so much for the information about the Schroth Therapy and the Yoga for scoliosis.

    I have severe scoliosis that was treated with a herrington rod when I was 12 which was 28 years ago. It came out of no where and there was no family history. I was given the impression at that young age, that you have the surgery and that is that. I was not pointed in a direction on how to deal with it for life. I am ashamed to admit that I never researched scoliosis or alternative treatments for it until my own daughter developed a curve. She is 12 with a 14 degree lumbar C curve. I am just starting my investigation for treating my daughter’s scoliosis and my future with scoliosis.

    1. Well, thank-YOU for the words of encouragement today. I am glad that you found my blog and that it was of some help to you. Your daughter is fortunate that all your experiences have brought you to the point where you might help her make better choices for her health. If you are from Michigan, go see Dr. Morningstar in Grand Blanc – it’s a great first step and a great place to learn of alternative treatments. Worth a drive – we drive 1.5 hours each way every time we go. You are very fortunate that your daugther is just at a 14 degree curve. There is SO MUCH hope for her to have a surgery free life. But, “wait and see” is usually what the doctors say at 14 degrees. Don’t listen – it’s “wait and see” straight on the road to surgery. 🙂 Keep me posted on your progress.

  2. Hi, Tina and friends of Tina. I’m I’m hoping you or one of your readers might e able to help me. I’m trying to find out if there are family blogs in Europe that focus on scoliosis. Could someone let me know?

    1. I am not familiar with many other blogs, but I put this post out there in case other readers can make some recommendations. I know I get a lot of people FROM Europe contacting me, but I guess I don’t read as many other blogs from over the “pond”. Please share in this comment section if you happen to find any. Good luck! And, treatments are the same both here and there, so you might still find some pertinent information in this and other American blogs. Canadian blogs may be similar to what you’d find in Europe because their style of treatment is similar to what one may find in Europe. I find Canada and Europe are more focused on prevention and alternative therapies and less on surgery, which is how I feel. Keep us posted on what you find.

  3. Tina, have you ever heard of RainDrop Therapy with Young Living Essential Olis as an alternative treatment for scoliosis? I was just curious as you seem to be open to alternative medicine as I am and this is one that I have explored. I also found out about the Clear Scolosis institute and thought about doing that. However, I haven’t found any of the other alternative treatments on the Internet that you mention on your site, so I look forward to researching more about those. Thank you so much for this blog and sharing the things that you find out and your experiences. It is sometimes hard to research things that you don’t know to look for, so this is very helpful!

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I have not heard of those therapies and they sound like excellent ideas for future blog posts. I will say that I believe in alternative methods, but I’m still a Scientist. So, I believe in the ones that make sense to me and have some basis of research and evidence. I give EVERY therapy I can think of thought, research, and attention, however. I will put those on my list! 🙂 CLEAR is similar to the therapy we do with Dr. Morningstar (who I write about often) – Pettibon, ARC 3D, CLEAR – they are all pretty similar, with some basic differences. They are worth a call. CLEAR tends to be more intensive, shorter bursts of therapy, where Pettibon and ARC 3D are a more gradual approach.

  4. Tina I am so happy to find and read your blog. I was looking for more info about the ABM method and bracing.I would like to share more info.

    1. If you find useful information to share, please email it to me. I may include it as a regular article (you can be a contributing author!) 🙂 There is a ton of great information out there that I don’t always have time to research, so if anyone has ideas and the info to back it up, please share.

      1. Hi Rachelle. My son was one of the first patients fitted and tested with the Tornado Suit, but he doesn’t currently use it because his curve has reduced to a 12 degree, mostly from his wearing of a Cheneau brace. My daughter wears a Tornado Suit when she does her weights and exercises through Dr. Morningstar. I do recommend it – it is very comfortable (although can get hot, but all braces do), has much fewer complications and discomforts than the Spinecor. But, it is used in conjunction with the ARC 3D therapies, so I really recommend the entire regimen as a whole. As with all bracing (they don’t technically call the Tornado Suit a brace, but I will put it in that category). As with all bracing, keep a close eye and the sooner you get them in one, the better! Hope that helps.

  5. Thank you I, I contacted Dr Morningstar today and he was helpful. My daughter was fitted with a hard plastic brace for sleeping in, 11/2 yrs ago. This was not sucessful at her end and she is not wearing anything . She does ABM excersies. I am hopeful that a tornado suit may be better than nothing.

    1. Oh, far, far better than nothing. I think you will find a lot of hope working with Dr. Morningstar. As bad as my daughter’s curves are, we still do his therapy because I know it works – it worked on me. It’s just one piece to our puzzle. After surgery, my daughter will still probably do some modified therapy to keep the rest of her spine healthy and in alignment – it’s a therapy that will work for life. Keep me posted! 🙂

  6. My daughters curves are bad as well. I am just researching new options for us to pursue . Have you done CLEAR institute treatment? What do you know about it? If you have not done it,why not?I have been calling a few clinics today that offer the treatment. When will your daughter have surgery? We have done Nucca chiropractic, traditional bracing and ABM treatments and DVD exercises. You are correct in saying that these things are just a piece of the puzzle. The puzzle is large and confusing.This site has a video about a girl named Kaylee that they treated,see what you think,www.janzenandjanzen.com. Thanks alot.

    1. CLEAR is similar to Pettibon and ARC3D, except CLEAR does faster in-house clinics that last a couple weeks and the therapy we do (and have done for years) with Dr. Morningstar is a more long-term approach. Fortunately, we live in an area where we can go every month and not do the shorter term clinic. It is my opinion that the shorter term clinics don’t hold as long (obviously, if you go month after month, you get longer lasting results). Check out the clinic for the Docs (Dr. Stitzel is one of them) who run fixscoliosis.com. I think they are working with Dr. Morningstar now, incorporating some of his ARC3D treatments and his Tornado Suit and are getting longer lasting results even with a short-term workshop (or at least are working toward getting those longer lasting results). I think either Dr. Stitzel or Dr. Morningstar will get you better results than CLEAR, but that is only my opinion. 😉

    1. Certified CLEAR, but, in his own words, will be looking to expand his protocols in the near future to go above and beyond CLEAR. Find him on Facebook under “treatingScoliosis” and message him – he’s very responsive. Best of luck!

  7. I enjoy reading all the posts. my granddaughter was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 1 and I think about her pain every day. She is 4 years old so has a ways to go… I appreciate the positive in these blogs since most of what I feel is fear for her. GOD bless you all!

    1. Thanks. I love how involved you are in your Granddaughter’s life. She is blessed to have you. Fear is a common emotion, but it does force us to daily commit our loved ones to God’s grace and care. Thanks for your feedback.

  8. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Severe scoliosis 50 & 52 degree curves- she is 8 years old., I stumbled upon this site after we were told that one leg is shorter than the other. Anyway, I have not read through all of your blogs just yet, but I look forward to it. I am scared and feel alone with what she is going through. I hope to join some support groups soon. She has 2 rare disorders besides the scoliosis, it just seems it is one thing after another. I am also looking forward to checking out the undergarments..that has been so hard to find the right thing!

    1. Welcome Meisha. I am glad you found my blog. You are officially NOT alone now. 🙂 Reach out with questions or concerns and I will do what I can to help. It can seem very daunting at first when you get the diagnosis. But, just take it a day at a time – you don’t have to make any decisions tomorrow and life will go on. If you do choose to do some bracing to delay any kind of surgery, I would strongly recommend a Rigo-Cheneau brace (I have written several blog articles about our experience with this brace). Depending on where you are located, I always recommend Orthotic Solutions in Fairfax, VA. Worth the travel. But, you can read about my story (I know, there is a lot here to weed through) and also just message or email me questions.

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