For all the Scoliosis Queens (and Kings)

This has been a very busy, but wonderful year for our family.  Our original Scoliosis Warrior – our daughter – is now a Senior in High School!  She was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 5 and I started this blog 10 years ago to help others learn from our experiences.  How far she has come!!  Well, this winter, she surprised us by deciding to run for Coming Home Queen.  Up to this point, she has had zero interest in things like this, but she wanted to run so “at least one female basketball player would be on the court”.  So, we got her a pretty dress (that laid wonderfully on her not-so-straight upper body) and some mega heels (that she walked in with total grace) and got ready for the big day.


She is not only the ONLY senior on her varsity basketball team (yes, we live in a VERY tiny community), but she is a captain, and helped lead her team to a victory on the basketball court that night.  Then, she ran and got her clarinet, helping the band to play the National Anthem.  Then, during the first half of the Boys’ game that immediately followed, she cleaned up and transformed into her “Queen Look”.  And, yes, at half-time of the boys’ game, she was crowned Queen.  I was proud of her – not just for winning (which is voted on by the middle school and high school students and staff), but for putting herself a bit out of her comfort zone to go for something new, that she had never thought to go for in the past.  Then AFTER the Boys’ game, they had the dance (that she helped plan, as President of the Student Council).  This girl has NOT let Scoliosis stop her ONE TINY BIT.  And, she’s never acted as though she were any different than anyone else.  I don’t know what it feels like to be in her body.  She barely ever complains of discomfort, but, since she has been battling this since she was young, maybe her “normal” just entails more discomfort than for some of us.  Regardless, she never ceases to be my inspiration…and my muse.  One of our biggest fears when our children are first diagnosed is if this Scoliosis condition will prevent our child from living a “normal life”.  We want them to be safe, secure, happy.  But, I would say, looking back, that it set her up to live a life that is ABOVE a “normal life”.  I would never wish challenges on my children, but I can recognize that they do make them stronger and more confident.  For all of you Scoliosis Warriors out there, who are hesitating to put yourself out of you comfort zone and try something new – I say just go for it!  Don’t let anything stop you.  Allow yourself to be Queen – or King – in whatever area you strive to be the best.