Scoliosis Family Adventures: Out West Edition!

What a summer!  I feel like our heads have barely rested on our own pillows!  But, it’ s been an amazing ride.  It dawned on me last year that my baby girl is graduating soon (class of 2019) and that we needed one big, family adventure before then.  My husband and I had never been out west, so I planned a 10 day excursion, where we speed-tripped through various parks and landmarks.  We started by flying into San Francisco.  We August 2018 Blog 2toured the city for a few hours (remember, I said this was SPEED touring).  We spent the next day exploring Muir woods, just North of San Fran.  Then we went to Yosemite, thankfully before they shut the park down due to fires.  Following Yosemite, we went to LA/Hollywood, then Grand Canyon, then Zion National Park, and…finally…Vegas, from which we flew home.  Whew!  Lots of hiking, many times in crazy heat, sight seeing, TONS of steps on the fitbit.  Also, LOTS of driving and good, quality family time.  It had been nearly 10 years since I left my business (the real baby of the family) for such an extended time and I was very happy that my EIC Team back home took care of everything for me while I was away.

August 2018 Blog 4

It was really great, but, after 10 days, we were ready to get back to real life.  Real life can be real stressful, especially when dealing with Scoliosis.  But, we have to find time to work in these adventures so that we have the peace of mind to deal with the daily grind.  I was really grateful that my “Scoli Three” didn’t have any issues on the tripAugust 2018 blog 3 – between riding in planes, lots of time in cars, sleeping in a different bed every-other-night – I would have expected some flare-ups with their backs, but they did great.  We did make our son take his brace as a carry on – we weren’t willing to risk the airlines losing THAT piece of luggage.  He didn’t want to wear it on the plane, and, since he just wears at night anyway, we found a packpack that would fit the brace, and then put his carry on stuff in the middle of it.  It fit just fine under the seat in front of him!  If one of my kids were still full-time bracing, though, I probably would have told them to leave it in the hotel room for some of those hikes – they were so hot that those of us NOT in layers were cooking in our boots.  It’s all about balance – and, I was happy to find some balance by really investing in a good chunk of quality time with the family.  We can get bogged down in the day-to-day struggles, tipping the scales in our brains to stress overload.  But, by consciously making the effort to plan in the time together and, by compromising just a bit on the daily routine, we can bring that scale back to balance.

August 2018 Blog

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