WIN a Scoliosis Activity Suit through the Crooked Life Foundation!

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In the very small Scoliosis community, it is always nice to see people helping each other out. This is where Marce Kuhns comes in. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 12 years old, and started out wearing a hard brace. It was too painful for her, but the only remaining option was to wait and watch the curve progress. After 26 years of back pain and growing postural deformities, she found a life-changing rehab-based Scoliosis treatment . With this newfound hope, she began to share her story. Her blog, The Crooked Life, is a way for her to share her story and to encourage others who struggle with Scoliosis.



Marce didn’t just stop there, though. She continued to help others by starting The Crooked Life Foundation with her husband, Rob Kuhns. The Crooked Life Foundation has an initiative called “Project SAS 10”. This project’s goal is to provide families who need it with Scoliosis Activity Suits, which are lightweight, neoprene supportive suits that work with a patient’s natural body movements to stabilize the body and reduce pain from Scoliosis.  Marce estimated that it would take a few years to be able to hand out 10 suits, so the project is aptly named “Project SAS 10”. So far, as of May 2018, they have given away 8 suits!!

Project SAS 10 is in action right now! The Crooked Life Foundation is doing a Scoliosis Activity Suit giveaway for suit #9 from now until May 18th. If you win, you get the suit, a consultation, fitting, and x-ray, which is a $1500 value. The winner will be announced May 20th. To find out more about this giveaway, go to The Crooked Life Foundation’s Facebook page or the Project SAS 10 page.  Make sure you check out everything else that Marce does, and show your support!


Crooked life 1

Written by: Cynthia Beauvais

Photos used with permission

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