Yesterday’s hard is today’s easy

Yesterday was really hard for me.  I had a migraine, which, for me, involves strobe/blackout vision.  Then it kind of just turns into mind-fogginess and headache for a couple days.  And, I was scurrying to get new samples ready for a photo shoot and my machine would not work correctly.  The samples were not happening.  I was SO FRUSTRATED.  My colleague looked at me and said “It looks like your work day is over”.  I had to cancel the photo shoot, admit defeat, and leave in a haze of uncertainty.  I didn’t know if I could fix this problem with the machine (and I’m still not sure how I’ll do it).   But, then I thought back to my past struggles.  Struggles that were just as hard and overwhelming several years ago as this one is now.  But, most of the biggest struggles I can think of (especially in my businesses) are now things that seem easy to me.  When I was working through them, I was frantic, lost, in complete disbelief that I could solve them…even ready to QUIT!  But, now I think most of those challenges are simple.  They are simply replaced by new and greater challenges.  So, I decided to think of this machine like I would probably view it in several years.  I will figure something out (still not sure what yet), and someday I will look back and remember that THIS time I didn’t despair.  This time I remembered what I had been capable of in the past.  And, I simply chose to push through it.

Dealing with a diagnosis of a loved one can be the same way.  I remember how I was in the early days of my children’s Scoliosis diagnosis.  I was frantic, lost, confused, not sure how we would proceed.  And, now, looking back, I can see all that I’ve learned and I feel confident that, no matter what the next appointment brings, we will have a solution.  Just remember, if you are new to this – it gets easier.  It gets better.  It may not ever be EASY, but life will one day return to a comfortable rhythm.  You WILL discover your plan through this and you WILL work through it – have confidence in yourself and, when all else fails, think like your future self – “c’mon, we got this…one foot in front of the other”.