Who cares for the caregiver?


We, as Moms (and Dads), have all heard it before – the proverbial “put your oxygen mask on first” scenario.  It is hard enough as a parent to act on this, though, and much harder for those of us that are taking care of kids with special needs.  We KNOW we should be taking care of ourselves, because we KNOW that NOBODY else will if we don’t, but we still have lists full of calls to make, research to do, appointments to schedule…plus regular life…it’s endless.

I am here to remind you, though, that it is important.  You MUST give yourself permission to take care of yourself.  It’s a new year and we all have those new resolutions floating around.  As ALWAYS, mine is to win the fight over my eating, to loose those pounds that have been haunting me for years.  But, let me tell you, it takes WORK and, often, I have to let other things go so that I can meal plan, cook healthy, etc.  And, sometimes (bad Mother alert here)…I have to let go of trying to make my kids eat as healthy as possible so that I can continue to eat healthy.  Yes, yes…I know…the kids should eat what I eat. But, as wonderful as my kids are, I always win the “my kid is a more picky eater than yours” showdown, and some days it’s HARD to pick that battle.  So, I can spend hours trying to win the battle with them, or I can continue to chip at the war within me. Sometimes I can’t do both.  It’s tough to accept that I have to sometimes literally put my health over my kids’ health. What kind of Mother does that?  Well, the kind that realizes that I am the ONLY one who is going to prioritize my own health. And, the kind that realizes that, in the big picture, a healthy Mom will better be able to help her kids be healthier.  I lose a few battles in order to win the ultimate war.  I invite you to become my battle ally – let’s encourage each other in our daily battles of fighting Scoliosis, or whatever other issue plagues our children.  Because, hopefully if we keep reminding each other, eventually we will give ourselves that permission to look out for #1 just a little bit more.


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