Will God Choose to Heal My Scoliosis?

Hi everyone.  This is Tina blogging today.  Today I want to talk about an issue that many of us contemplate – will God choose to heal my Scoliosis (or other ailment)?  Or, more truthfully – why hasn’t He healed my (or my child’s) Scoliosis?  This is a question that is universal to any ailment you or a loved one may suffer from – it’s the spiritual struggle that many of us have when dealing with a malady.

Sitting in church the other day, I was listening to the Gospel lesson from Luke 13 (10-13).  The passage is as follows:

10 On a Sabbath Jesus was teaching in one of the synagogues, 11 and a woman was there who had been crippled by a spirit for eighteen years.She was bent over and could not straighten up at all. 12 When Jesus saw her, he called her forward and said to her, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.” 13 Then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God.

I heard this lesson many times before in church, but this time was different – what struck me this time was that the woman “was bent over and could not straighten up” – was it possible that the woman in this story had some form of Scoliosis?  And, then I got to thinking…Jesus healed that woman without faltering.  No hesitation, whatsoever.  Therefore, He clearly thought that the suffering from Scoliosis was dire and in need of his miracles.  The second was that he healed her very quickly – she didn’t even have to ask!  So, why is it so hard for the rest of us to get such a miracle, when we are praying daily for it?  Many of us have legions of people praying for our ailing family member, but some of us don’t get the full-out healing miracle we are really asking for.

So, that begs the question – is it possible that God sends healing in many different forms?  Is it possible that he puts all sorts of “puzzle pieces” together for us, so that we can get the help we need from many sources, in ways that equal up to the healing that he intends for us?  And, then I got to thinking about how strongly He put the ideas and the know-how into my heart to start EmBraced In Comfort.  I can look back on my life, at all the skills and seemingly unrelated bits of information that He brought into my life, and see how it all came together to slowly, but surely, chip away at the discomfort experienced by brace-wearing patients and to help them experience the healing they need without the discomfort from a brace.  There is no way that little old me would have come up with an idea that would have grown to what it is without God’s intervention.  And, that is pretty awe-inspiring – in other words, we can all contribute to the healing of each other in some small way.  What is He putting in your heart today?  How can you help others?

Let’s look at some other of His instruments in the Scoliosis World – Dr. Morningstar (and his fellow Scolismart Docs), who have come up with unique and ingenious new therapies for Scoliosis, helping many people and turning traditional treatment plans upside down.  And, for us, one of our “angels” was Luke Stikeleather, at National Scoliosis Center.  Luke (how fitting that his name matches this book of the Gospel) was able to make a brace that worked wonderfully for both of my children, but, for my son, it was a contributing factor (along with other therapies, like pre- Scolismart work with Dr. Morningstar) to bringing his Scoliosis down to where it WAS, in all respects, “Healed” (brought down to 10 degrees).  It still exists, but not much more than 15 degrees.  Yes, he’ll always battle it, but we have a fighting chance now. We have hope. My daughter was not healed, but surgery was prolonged for years through work with both Dr. Morningstar and Luke and, when we felt the need to move to fusion surgery, after years of fighting, she was blessed through a great surgeon (Dr.Li at the University of Michigan) and she is very happy now, post surgery.  Her Scoliosis was not cured, and she will always be plagued by side effects, but she feels healed, she feels stronger, and she feels proud of herself, and those are the important things.

So, my dear friends, your Scoliosis patient is very much worthy of healing and help.  And, God has put many people out there, including you, to be advocates, healers, and comforters to you and your family.  So, don’t lose heart.  He may not put His hand on us all and whisk away the pain, but healing may come in doses, through many avenues, and through people that He places on your path.  Scoliosis IS important to God, and so is your Scoliosis patient.



8 thoughts on “Will God Choose to Heal My Scoliosis?”

  1. Scoliosis is very prevalent in my family, my mother, me, my two daughters. Each generation it seems to be more aggressive and have an earlier onset. My 16 year old and I have both had successful spinal fusions for which we are extremely thankful. My mother didn’t have this option. There are many angels around us from doctors and orthotists to the stranger praying for my daughter in the hospital chapel during her surgery. I pray for healing for my 12 year old as she also has anxiety but she is on a waitlist for surgery as her brace isn’t containing the curve. She asks often why she has to deal with these issues while other children in her class have no problems. I feel this spiritual struggle you mention. However, deep down I know she will grow into a stronger person for being forced to deal with these health issues. We talk about how she’ll be able to tackle anything in her future. I have this “feeling” that going through the surgery will help her anxiety as it will give her a sense of accomplishment and belief that she can handle anything. I have done everything I can for her and will continue to and trusting God gives us peace and comfort.

  2. My daughter was fitted with her SpineCor brace this weekend. We were devastated with the diagnosis and didn’t know which way to go. We didn’t see her wearing the Boston brace and searched for better answers. We believe our steps are ordered of the Lord as it says in His word, so we are standing on that. We were led to Chicago to Dr. Pappas who is so kind, caring and professional… so our journey begins. I agree, He heals in varies ways and He will guide your steps when we take time to be still and listen. Thanks for this blog.

  3. This was just what I needed to read today! I told my surgeon to go ahead and schedule fusion surgery but then I prayed intensely. I asked God to make it clear to me whether or not surgery was the right thing to do. I got a clear no. So I asked God, “If I were rich and had unlimited resources, what should I do? Where should I go?” Within a few days I was on the phone with Dr. Deutchman who fitted me with the Spinecor brace. I traveled a long distance and he rearranged his flight time to meet me in a satellite location. I cannot say enough good things about this doctor. God has blessed me with a healing touch. I know that I’m on the right path but I’m struggling to get used to the brace. It’s eased my back pain significantly and for that I say “Thank you God!” Now I’m praying for healing the shoulder pain that I’m experiencing and the little inconveniences such as going to the bathroom. I joined a FB page and posted my struggles. Someone suggested Embraced in Comfort. I immediately went on and ordered a bodysuit. If it fits as I hope, I’ll be ordering several more.

  4. HI TINA my daughter was diagnost with scoliosis . and I am thinking to take to scolismart clinics did know if they get good results thank you

    1. ScoliSmart has good preliminary studies. I have heard a lot of positive things and feel it is definitely worth a consultation. Let me know how it works out for you.

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