Cooking up pain relief for Scoliosis

Recently, I was reading a study from the Journal of Pain & Relief, titled Controlled-Release Curcumin for the Treatment of Pain Related to Adult Degenerative Scoliosis: A Retrospective, Open-Label, Case-Controlled Series. This article talked about a very small case study done in a Scoliosis rehabiliation clinic, where 4 adult patients went through 6 months of exercise-based therapy for Scoliosis. Two of the patients took a Circumin (derived from the spice Turmeric) supplement daily. Those two patients rated their pain to be more improved over the 6 months than the other two patients. All four patients got improvement in their Cobb Angles. Although small and, as even the author’s will attest, not the final word on the effectiveness of Curcumin, this can give hope to adults with Scoliosis pain. I had never heard of using this natural supplement to help with nerve pain and inflammation, but upon further research, I found that it HAS been used with success in many patients. The arthritis foundation goes over some more beneficial properties of Curcumin HERE, including some larger grade studies on the improvement of inflammation in patients. So, my point is – it might be worth a try. Despite my catchy title, though, you probably will not get enough benefit by adding Turmeric to your foods, although it can give you a small health boost, while making your foods very tasty. Supplements are recommended, and as ALWAYS – check with your doctor. Just because something is herbal doesn’t mean it’s safe with all medications or conditions. Your Doctor may give you a pitying look of disbelief and say “you can try if you want to”, but as long as it’s not dangerous, that is the main point of the conversation. Many of the sites I read did say that it can have some side effects -s o, read the resources I included and chat with your Doctor. But, if you get the all-clear, it might be worth a shot. In my non-medical opinion, I always look for more close-to-nature solutions before taking chemicals to control my issues. Hopefully this can help you do the same.