Higgy Bears and Friends

I had to take a break from the Holiday Frenzy to share this wonderful news.  Many of you have written in over the years, responding to my article on my daughter’s American Girl Doll brace. You LOVE the concept, but have never known quite how to get a brace for YOUR child’s Doll (or stuffed friend). Well, now we FINALLY have an answer for you! The answer is in the form of Lauren Higginson, a fellow Michigan resident and mover and shaker for the Scoliosis community. Lauren has been battling Scoliosis since she was 13, and has undergone and overcome many painful physical and emotional side effects to get her to where she is today. Higginson was inspired a little over a year ago, after visiting a Scoliosis convention, to answer a need for young people everywhere – the need to have a special friend, in the form of a doll or bear, that was “just like them” in a world where they always felt different from everyone else. And, from this desire to help others, Higgy Bears and Friends was born. Click HERE to visit the store or HERE to visit and like the facebook page. Higgy Bears 1   The prices on the store site are extremely reasonable and the products look great. Everything is hand made by a Scoliosis patient – just for YOUR Scoliosis patient. There are bears and other stuffed animals, braces, Scoliosis Activity Suits, even bears with rods inside their spine! And, the braces bought here can fit your 18″ doll, too. Check it out! Last minute gift for the Holidays for your loved one. Higgy bears 2