Summertime crazies

Hi everyone.  I wanted to write a quick post to update on how things are here.  We have had several huge changes this month!  First, my business EmBraced In Comfort moved out of the house and into a separate facility.  We had officially grown out of our space a long time ago, so we areContinue reading “Summertime crazies”

Here a stress, there a stress, everywhere a stress, stress…

Yes, for some reason I just had the “Old MacDonald” tune ruminating in my head – my very frazzled, somewhat brain-dead head.  It has been what I will call “one of THOSE months”.  It started with my ankle injury (which is doing better, but not totally healed – thanks to everyone who asked! 🙂 ) Continue reading “Here a stress, there a stress, everywhere a stress, stress…”