Karate Klutz

I had been moving with such great momentum and efficiency – getting so much done.  Something was BOUND to slow me down.  And, it did.   A spin jump back kick.  It’s less complicated and graceful than it sounds (especially when I do it), but I found out the hard way that if you are not paying VERY close attention when you do it, you could end up coming down from that not-so-fancy jump right on the side of your ankle.  Ouch.  It gave my karate instructor an excellent chance to reinforce the importance of concentration when doing kicks.  That fateful fall was about 11 days ago.  My foot and ankle swelled up and turned all sorts of pretty shades of purple (and, now green).  And, I get to wear this beautiful walking cast/boot thing as I hobble around.  The first few days I was just really angry (and REALLY sore), now I am less angry and am just annoyed (and still VERY sore).  Fortunately, the ankle and foot bones remain intact (although I’ve had several people inform me that bad sprains can be worse than breaks – gee, thanks).  The Doctor said at least 2 weeks in the walking cast/boot, which is NOT how I had hoped to spend the first few weeks of decent temperatures here in Michigan.  But, alas, I have no choice – I have to just muddle through.  However, I was about 2 days into my grousing when it occurred to me – as much as I don’t like wearing my “boot” all day and being slowed down from my long walks and workouts, my daughter had to wear a brace for 6 years!  Yeah, I guess I better put a smile on my face.  I always said I’d take the hits for her – wear the brace if I could, go through the surgery for her, if I could.  However, when push comes to shove, I’d have to say I’m a bigger whiner than she ever was.  It just reinforces to me how inspirational these kids are who wear braces like CHAMPS and undergo the treatment they need with fantastic smiles on their faces.  This Mama needed a reality check.  Two weeks in a boot?  Yes, I think I can.