Merry Christmas

Having good results like these are a great present this Christmas.  I am thankful that, if we had to go through this, that at least the preliminary results are good.  My daughter is healing well, is up and about a decent amount for 10 days post surgery, and has very little pain, when taking herContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Day 4 recovery – leaving the hospital!

What is it about being in a hospital that makes a person feel – well – sick?  It is, then, miraculous that when they LEAVE the hospital, the patient is all of a sudden so much better than they were 1 hour before at the hospital.  That is what happened yesterday.  We passed Physical TherapyContinue reading “Day 4 recovery – leaving the hospital!”

Starting the adventure we have worked so hard to avoid

A while after I started writing this blog, I came to the conclusion that we were destined to run the entire course of this condition called Scoliosis – and, until today we had experienced everything but ONE thing – the big, daunting, terrifying thing called surgery. And, today, we have made it through that. TodayContinue reading “Starting the adventure we have worked so hard to avoid”

2 days…Basking in the support from friends and family.

This week has been quite overwhelming – overwhelming with the usual Holiday preparation, plus the usual surgery preparations.  But, also overwhelming in a great way, with the love and support from so many people.  There are people that I didn’t even know KNEW about what our daughter is going through that came up to oneContinue reading “2 days…Basking in the support from friends and family.”

Pre-op appointments done – 10 days until “S” Day!

Yesterday we journeyed the 2 hours to Ann Arbor, Michigan to my daughter’s pre-op appointments at Mott Children’s Hospital. The new hospital there is gorgeous.  We are so happy we can go to Mott for this surgery!  We picked up my Mother-in-law on the way to the hospital, so I could have another set ofContinue reading “Pre-op appointments done – 10 days until “S” Day!”