Lots of great plans

Hi readers.  Sorry I have been absent for a while.  We have so much going on – as a family, as a company, and in all other respects.  Today was the last day of school – as is this time of year for many of you.  On top of it, my daughter leaves elementary school for the next phase – Middle School.  Lots of emotions flying around today.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to your summer.  If I blog less, it’s only because it’s “this time of year”.   Everyone is home, and life gets more complicated and we try to soak up the outdoors.  I will say that I hope, within the next month, to start having more videos out on my youtube channel – I am very excited about these videos because they will be a quick and effective way to communicate on all sorts of topics.  I will, of course, post on these when the time comes.   So, if you are a new reader, know that this blog will still go on at the usual pace after summer is over AND you will have PLENTY of information by reading all the archives.  I will try to post periodically as we go through what I hope will be a wonderful summer.


Until the next time,



Published by Tina

Mother, Inventor, Entrepreneur, working to help make people who need to wear orthotic and prosthetic bracing, more comfortable in their braces.

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