Spring 2013 Brace-friendly fashion trends

This year, there are many great choices for dressing in your scoliosis brace.  There is also one trend that is NOT recommended.  Let’s start there.  A very popular fashion trend right now is the a-symmetrical tank, t-shirt, blouse, or other top.  My daughter tried on a bathing suit that is a-symmetrical and let’s just sayContinue reading “Spring 2013 Brace-friendly fashion trends”

Sometimes health care care be a nightmare

Scoliosis treatments can be expensive.  That is just the bottom line.  Even those with “good” insurance plans find that treatments they are accustomed to and feel are completely necessary to their overall health are deemed “non medically necessary” by their providers.  Customers tell me all the time how they are laying out huge amounts ofContinue reading “Sometimes health care care be a nightmare”