Book Review

I finally had the time to finish my read of Dr. Morningstar’s book, “Scoliosis and ARC3D Therapy:  Restoring Hope with Non-Surgical Treatment”.  As I have state numerous times before, both my children and I are patients of Dr. Morningstar – we started visiting him soon after my daughter was diagnosed about 4 years ago.  IContinue reading “Book Review”

If Mama Ain’t Healthy…

We’ve all heard the phrase, “If Mama Ain’t happy, Ain’t nobody happy” (yes, shudder at the grammar), but this week I am also remembering how “If Mama Ain’t Healthy…the Family Ain’t Healthy”.  I guess after talking nonstop about my kids’ health, it’s only fair to share a bit about myself.  I’ve been blessed with relativelyContinue reading “If Mama Ain’t Healthy…”