Our exercise regimen so far

A couple weeks ago, I posted about my daughter’s results in the Tornado Suit.  Then she blogged about how she is doing, from her perspective.  This week, I want to cover the fundamentals of the different exercises that she is doing so far. Morning and Evening: 1.  Pettibon/ARC 3D weights in her Tornado Suit.  SheContinue reading “Our exercise regimen so far”

Introducing a new blogger at Scoliosis Family Adventures!

Hi, I’m Cindy, Tina’s daughter, and I’m undergoing some new therapy for my back. I have to do four different exercises, so far. They’re pretty hard. Some involve breathing, some involve the Tornado Suit, and some involve weights. I’ve had to do harder exercises because my curve has gotten worse, and we are trying toContinue reading “Introducing a new blogger at Scoliosis Family Adventures!”