Cobb Angle insight from Dr. Morningstar

I thought I would share the contents of a facebook post by Treating Scoliosis, quoting Dr. Morningstar with some wonderful insight on the Cobb Angle. “Is It Time to Throw Out Cobb Angle Measurements for Scoliosis? By Dr. Mark MorningStar Anyone who has scoliosis knows what a Cobb angle is. Physicians and therapists who treatContinue reading “Cobb Angle insight from Dr. Morningstar”

This is how a brace is made…

Hi Everyone.  When we were in Virginia getting our braces made at Orthotic Solutions, Mr. Luke let us get some photos and do some participation behind the scenes.  The following is a brief summary of how the brace is made: 1.  Luke scans the patients with a computerized scanning “gun” that makes an exact replicaContinue reading “This is how a brace is made…”