Happy birthday to an amazing curvy-spined man!

This past weekend was a nice chance to just BE together.  *ahh*  We took a weekend trip to Ann Arbor for my husband’s 40th birthday to celebrate being a family, splurge on some downtime together, and re-unite with friends we used to go to college with.  We took our kids around the University of MichiganContinue reading “Happy birthday to an amazing curvy-spined man!”

It’s that (dreaded) time…again!

This morning was for our family what most parents of Scoliosis patients dread – the 4-month checkup with the orthopedist.  When we first started going for checkups (especially right after my daughter’s curve progressed to a 67 degree curve!), I would literally lose sleep for days before these appointments.  By the time we started takingContinue reading “It’s that (dreaded) time…again!”

Inspiring story of an inspiring Scoliosis patient.

While doing some general online research for future blog post ideas, I came across a very inspiring story from last June about a 14-year old girl named Lauren Stover.  Lauren, a competitive swimmer with a tenacious work ethic and responsible approach that exceeds her years, has had a lot of success with non-surgical approaches toContinue reading “Inspiring story of an inspiring Scoliosis patient.”