My view on the ScoliScore test

Lately, the Scoliosis (and the financial) worlds have been abuzz with news about The ScoliScore AIS Prognostic Test, which is, according to the website, “the first clinically validated and highly accurate prognostic test for AIS curve progression.”  This is pretty amazing news – it can literally change the path that children and their familiesContinue reading “My view on the ScoliScore test”

Early Detection (And Early Action!) is Key

As my daughter turns 11 today, I am reminded of how far we have come in our Scoliosis Family Adventure thus far…and I can’t help but think wistfully of where we could be had I known certain things now that I didn’t know then.  I know that we can’t beat ourselves up in life forContinue reading “Early Detection (And Early Action!) is Key”