Update on the Tornado Suit


I’ve written a couple articles about the brand new bracing alternative – The Tornado Suit.  This one is to update you, now several months into patients using the device.  I am happy to say that the creator of the Tornado Suit, our Chiropractor – Dr. Mark Morningstar – has just launched a new educational website about it: www.thetornadosuit.com.  He is certifying more and more Doctors every month to be able to put this suit on patients, but the process is very detail-oriented (which is good), so it takes time.  Some pros and cons on the Tornado Suit:

1.  Pro: It is really called an “Activity Suit”, not a brace, so it is a great option for people who are uncomfortable in typical braces (Boston, Cheneau, Spinecor), or patients who have milder curves.  It can be worn under clothing, during sports, with an option to sololey be used at home. (Con: some may not see this as a con, but you need to do WORK with this system – utilizing the Arc3D excercises (also by Dr. Morningstar), you will supplement the suit to develop your muscles in your spine).

2.  Pro: It is comfortable – no digging in of seams, difficulty getting it on and off, etc. (Con: It is 3mm thick black neoprene, so it can get hot.  The patient can use it only when indoors, or at cooler parts of the day).

3.  Pro: Preliminary results are GREAT – It has the ability to provide immediate in-suit correction, and has shown in early clinical data to provide a sustained correction of 10-23% after 3 months of wear while using no other therapies. The correction ability increases to 10-40% after 12 months when the TornadoSuit™ is combined with other ARC3D Scoliosis Therapy modalities.

Take some time to peruse the website, take a look at the “before and after photos” section

Finding Fun and Fashion in a Scoliosis Brace!

This week’s blog entry is the work of a few months of planning and collaboration with two up and coming experts in the fashion merchandising field – Erica and Jamie, two graduating students in Central Michigan University’s Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising Master’s Degree.  I first met Erica while I was taking my classes thisContinue reading “Finding Fun and Fashion in a Scoliosis Brace!”