Getting a leg up on Scoliosis

Our adventure in Scoliosis these past couple of weeks involve my daughter’s feet.  Yes, her feet.  She has been complaining of mild foot pain for a few weeks, so I made an appointment for her to go see my Podiatrist, a man who has helped my husband and I get past some major foot painContinue reading “Getting a leg up on Scoliosis”

Feldenkrais / Anat Baniel Method Re-visited.

I wanted to dedicate this week’s article to re-visiting my discussion on the Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method (ABM) that some have used to help with their Scoliosis.  I urge everyone to read the previous article (Click Here) and the comments, as I was honored to have a very helpful and educational comment from AnatContinue reading “Feldenkrais / Anat Baniel Method Re-visited.”