Sometimes you just have to let it (the brace) go…

Don’t let the title deceive you…my kids are still happily braced. But, there are times when, in order for kids to be kids, that the brace has to go – although temporarily. For example, we recently took a camping trip to Michigan’s Adventure. There are two parks in one there – a regular amusement park with roller coasters and all sorts of rides, and a water park. Basically you are soaking wet all day – hot, sunscreened, wet, and nasty – and I did not know HOW we were going to manage the braces during our park days. We did a good 8 hours each day at the park, taking a break to head to the car in the parking lot for a snack break. We didn’t even want to wait in the long lines for the changing rooms in the park or worry about getting lockers big enough for our stuff and the braces. So, we took a deep breath, exhaled, and just let it go… my kids spent those two days (but not the nights, evenings, and early mornings) out of their braces – just being kids. They didn’t have to worry about not being comfortable as they jostled around on the roller coasters or needing a place to put the braces in a crowded water park – they were just allowed to be carefree – and FREE – for two days. By the end of the second day, though, my daughter said she was anxious to get the brace back on. She said her body felt tired and achy and needed the support. That is proof right there that she DOES need the brace – but not in perfect compliance every day. During the school year and cooler months, they are both willing and very compliant 22 hours a day. But, some days are meant for freedom. And, over time, they will remember fun days at the park, that weren’t overshadowed by the inconvenience of dealing with their braces.

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Mother, Inventor, Entrepreneur, working to help make people who need to wear orthotic and prosthetic bracing, more comfortable in their braces.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to let it (the brace) go…

  1. I wondered about their braces while you were there. I agree that sometimes kids (especially kids who live under special circumstances) just have to be given some freedom to be kids! 🙂 I’m sure your trip was some great quality time! 🙂

  2. My daughter has had her brace for 4 days now (today being day 5). We’re still trying to find shirts for under it, clothes for over it and trying to soothe the sore spots/bruises and general “it’s so tight I can’t breathe” aspect of it. I am hoping that soon we can get through the day without tears. I’m glad I found your site.

    1. Cherice – I am glad you found us, too. Make sure you check out the site for all of my great products that are specifically for going under braces – And, email me if you need any personal support – I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been there – twice now. The first weeks are the hardest – you may have to give her a day to just be out of it and relax and be a kid so she can emotionally get used to the concept. I found that getting good quality products underneath is key – and I KNOW I can help with that, but so is just taking it a day at a time and finding emotional support.

  3. Tina, Thank you for your reply. She’s been in the brace for a couple of months now and has adjusted to it amazingly well. I drew up a chart to keep track of her hours in the brace so that she can track how much she’s wearing it and it has been amazing. I have found that what goes under the brace to be huge in the comfort department and have made some custom liners for her (I have passed on your website to our brace place to pass on to patients). It is nice to finally be settled into a routine that is not full of tears and tender spots.

    Again Thank you

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