Boy, do the girls grow up fast!

Well, I think we are entering the wonderful world that so many Moms with older girls know better than I do – the world of the hair/fashion/jewelry/makeup obsessed tweenager. Until now, dressing with a brace has not been much of an issue – my daughter would wear her bodysuit, brace, and a dress or skirtContinue reading “Boy, do the girls grow up fast!”

Sometimes you just have to let it (the brace) go…

Don’t let the title deceive you…my kids are still happily braced. But, there are times when, in order for kids to be kids, that the brace has to go – although temporarily. For example, we recently took a camping trip to Michigan’s Adventure. There are two parks in one there – a regular amusement parkContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to let it (the brace) go…”

Every Little Girl is Born a Princess

This past weekend was a big one for us – not only was it my birthday Saturday (35 years young!) and our Anniversary today (13 years and still happy!), but my daughter and I had the privilege to perform on-stage with a wonderful group of people in the Thumb Area Community Theater’s production of “AContinue reading “Every Little Girl is Born a Princess”