Our latest trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon

Well, folks, I dropped the ball on this one, but one of you was kind enough to inquire as to how our trip last month went to the Orthopedic Surgeon. We were so invovled in our damage at our house, plus massive problems with a rental house that we have (that we wish we couldContinue reading “Our latest trip to the Orthopedic Surgeon”

Don’t get irritated by sores under your Scoliosis Brace

In the past couple years that my children have been in rigid braces, we’ve only had a problem with a sore ONCE. Naturally, my first bit of advice is to make sure their skin is protected from the brace with a soft, beautiful bodysuit that covers all the contact points, like those we make at:Continue reading “Don’t get irritated by sores under your Scoliosis Brace”