Our latest trip to Orthotic Solutions

We just returned from Orthotic Solutions in Fairfax, VA, for our latest trekk to get new braces.  This time was different, as my son got his Rigo-Cheneau brace for the first time.  Per my previous post, it was my intention to get it for nighttime use, as a preventative measure, but some counseling from Luke changed my mind.  He convinced me that we want to attack the curves hard for the first few months, then when we push them back a few degrees, maybe we can use the brace as a nighttime only strategy to maintain.  Then we can use the tornado suit for several hours during the day.  Since the next few months will still be relatively cool, it seemed like a good strategy.  Hopefully we can back off to nighttime only use when the weather warms up and my son won’t want to be in a brace all day.  He’s doing VERY well with his new brace – already wearing it through the night and for 4 hours during the day (and we’ve only had it for two days).  It’s also given me an opportunity to test my bodysuit prototype for men and boys.  This bodysuit is constructed differently (for obvious reasons), and I think we’re getting to a good working model to make available to the public.  Message or post me if you’d like to try a free prototype of the EmBraced in Comfort for Men/Boys design.  We still have a lot of the “new normal” to work out with my son now being in a brace, like I’ll probably have to get more sweatpants for him to wear to school, but since brace-wearing is the culture in my home, he was actually excited about  it.  I could not be more BLESSED as a parent than to have my child WANT his brace.  Whenever he feels antsy about it, we quick give him a punch in the stomach and feign great pain in our fist – after all, that is why he was looking forward to getting one – he wanted abs of steel! 🙂

As for my daughter, she was an old pro – she immediately pointed out all the places where the brace irritated her, so Luke could make quick revisions.  She was MUCH less sore this time than the last couple times, and he was very impressed by her improved posture.  I want to remind parents that just because the cobb angle says one thing, does not mean it represents the entire picture of how your child is reacting to the brace.  My daughter’s Cobb angle has held steady (although it was pushed back quite a bit by the Cheneau), but her rotation is much improved.  That is something difficult to measure, but more through general observations.  It still took about 5 hours total for each child over the three days, but Luke is a perfectionist, and it shows.  He’s trying out a silicone pad for her hip, where she just recently got a very large sore from the brace pressing against her hip.  It didn’t really bother her until it got very big.  And, she was due for a new brace because of her growth, but it’s healing now, and the silicone pad is giving another layer of protection against the brace.  All in all, it was a great visit – tiring and stressful at times, but we made the best of it.  Mission accomplished.

My son and daughter goofing around with their new braces - this was another of my son's ideas about a good use for the brace!

3 thoughts on “Our latest trip to Orthotic Solutions”

    1. Yes, I took my daughter when she was 8 for a one -week Schroth clinic, but it was too complex and we have not done much yet – we will probably get more into it soon.

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