Update on the progress of the new braces

Well, both kids have adjusted very well to the new braces they got at Orthotic Solutions just over a week ago. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks to get to a “full time” 22 hour per day schedule, but my son is already wearing his nearly full time. He’s been wearing it toContinue reading “Update on the progress of the new braces”

Our latest trip to Orthotic Solutions

We just returned from Orthotic Solutions in Fairfax, VA, for our latest trekk to get new braces.  This time was different, as my son got his Rigo-Cheneau brace for the first time.  Per my previous post, it was my intention to get it for nighttime use, as a preventative measure, but some counseling from LukeContinue reading “Our latest trip to Orthotic Solutions”

The Tornado Suit: An Amazing and BRAND NEW Scoliosis bracing treatment

I am very excited to be one of the FIRST to write about the amazing new Tornado Suit.  Invented by Dr. Mark Morningstar of the Natural Wellness and Pain Relief Centers of Michigan, this suit is the newest bracing option and my son was the first test case to be put into the suit.  AsContinue reading “The Tornado Suit: An Amazing and BRAND NEW Scoliosis bracing treatment”