Thanksgiving Adventure

This week we actually took a trip that did not revolve around treatments or brace adjustments, but that revolved around family – my 87-year-old Grandmother, to be exact, and the rest of my Mother’s family that resides in the Evansville, Indiana area.  It was our first visit since Grandma moved out of the house I’ve been visiting for the past 34 years and into an apartment attached to the nursing home.  I’m happy she’s in the apartment, as she recently had a hip and shoulder replacement done.  So, we headed down to a local Fairfield (with an indoor pool, of course), as did my brother and his wife, and we had a great time relaxing in the pool, eating barbeque, and visiting with family.  My kids discovered the game “Apples to Applies – Disney version – and loved it.  Our visits to our “Southern family” have gotten further and further apart since my Mother died, but we were overjoyed to see Grandma and to keep the kids connected to her side of the family even while she’s gone.  My kids are expert travellers from all the road trips we’ve taken, and we enjoyed listening to the final book of the “Peter and the Starcatchers” series, while “V” worked on LEGO creations and “C” and I learned the art of hook rugs and needlepoint.  I hope all of you can take a few minutes this holiday season to remember what it’s like to be a family WITHOUT Scoliosis (or any other disease) and just enjoy each other as you are.  This month will be frantic for us – I am directing a Christmas musical at my church and trying to launch a couple of new products, while Andy is keeping up with the basketball season as Athletic Director, his regular teaching schedule, and being CFO of my growing company.  “C” is one of the lead actors in my show, and “V” is in the chorus, in addition to their normally busy schedule.  So, we will be busy just being a regular old family – and I can’t wait!  Happy Thanksgiving and every other Holiday between now and the New Year!  Enjoy the ride.

Down by the Ohio River.

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