A week to be Thankful – but for Scoliosis?

This is definitely a week to be thankful – most of us get a nice, extended weekend (BIG thing to be thankful for). Some get to travel (we are going on a 9-hour drive to the Southern tip of Indiana to see my Grandmother and my Mother’s family). Some people get to relax and have dinner at someone else’s house – while others experience the joys of hostessing family at their own homes. Whatever the Thanksgiving experience, most of us can find several reasons to be thankful. But, can we be thankful for our trials as well as our successes? That is one of the major challenges of life, to be sure. Whether it’s Scoliosis, financial troubles, a loved one passing away, or any other of a myriad of potential problems, one thing is certain – it’s very hard to be thankful in the midst of trials.

The Bible says, in James 1, to trust God during trials – that going through trials produces patience and perseverence. Now, one thing we CAN say about Scoliosis is it requires a very LARGE dose of patience! Almost ALL treatments require waiting – waiting for the next x-ray, waiting to see if you’ve gotten better or worse, waiting for a treatment to work (or, maybe NOT work). Hand-in-hand with that is perseverence, of course. Treatments will not work if we don’t commit every day to making them work – we have to bite off a small chunk of dealing with this disease every day, or we fall behind to the pull of our spines. Plain and simple.

I can say that dealing with Scoliosis with my children has also taught me to weather storms more gracefully. Other problems just seem smaller now – when we first got my daughter’s diagnosis, I was in a panic. A worrier by nature, I worried, researched, fretted, read articles, scheduled appointments – I wanted answers and NOW. But, it doesn’t work that way. Scoliosis is a lifelong disease and a lifelong trial, but we can weather it gracefully and let the other smaller problems (that may have seemed large before our diagnosis), kind of float on by.

So, whatever your trials, tribulations, or pain, I hope that you can find something this week to be thankful for – if not, just know that I am thankful for YOU, the reader who takes the time to read my ramblings and I pray for your health and healing! Post a reply and tell me: Has Scoliosis taught you to be thankful for something?