Thanksgiving Adventure

This week we actually took a trip that did not revolve around treatments or brace adjustments, but that revolved around family – my 87-year-old Grandmother, to be exact, and the rest of my Mother’s family that resides in the Evansville, Indiana area.  It was our first visit since Grandma moved out of the house I’veContinue reading “Thanksgiving Adventure”

A week to be Thankful – but for Scoliosis?

This is definitely a week to be thankful – most of us get a nice, extended weekend (BIG thing to be thankful for). Some get to travel (we are going on a 9-hour drive to the Southern tip of Indiana to see my Grandmother and my Mother’s family). Some people get to relax and haveContinue reading “A week to be Thankful – but for Scoliosis?”

Keeping the family straight even when their spines may be crooked

My husband and I went to a wonderful one-day conference this past weekend put on my Dr. Randy Carlson. Many people may know him through his radio show on Family Life Radio, among other things. The conference was about strengthening the parenting and marriage bonds. I thought it would be educational to attend, not becauseContinue reading “Keeping the family straight even when their spines may be crooked”

The bodies of our young women – a Temple or a discount store?

I noticed something disturbing the other day – Halloween costumes, which I used to equate with cute, clever, and fun, are more and more becoming dirty, sexy, and desperate.  I guess I missed when the actual metamorphosis took place – but, looking at some pictures of college students at Halloween parties, I realized that itContinue reading “The bodies of our young women – a Temple or a discount store?”

The waiting game of Scoliosis

Well, it ocurred to me that in between doctor visits and sewing bodysuits, I wasn’t taking enough time to communicate with others – in other words: sorry no blog posts lately.  But, then I thought again about how my intermittent and infrequent blogging is like the disease of scoliosis – kind of a drawn-out, slowContinue reading “The waiting game of Scoliosis”