Update on the business side of things

Well, much of the last year or so has been consumed with developing the EmBraced In Comfort bodysuit and a slew of Tailoring services to meet the needs of Spinecor patients.  The bodysuit has taken off and Doctors are starting to come on board, on recommendation from their patients, to start stocking the suits in their offices – as an alternative to the bodysuit that Spinecor provides.  People call me almost every day with one request or another for alterations to their shorts – everything from opening up the pelvic floor so they can use the restroom to removing the elastic, encasing it in a soft fabric, and reattaching it, to replacing the entire pelvic floor panel of the shorts with soft cotton.  I’ve also had the opportunity to start working on a contract basis to help other Doctors develop their product ideas – I’m working on one now that has a lot of potential to help many scoliosis patients.  So, things are going well on the business side of things and I’m so blessed to be able to help scoliosis patients every day – those who wear Spinecor braces and those, like my daughter, who wear a Cheneau.  I am developing new products every day – and most of those ideas come from phone calls from patients who need something – anything – to make their brace comfortable.  So, we come up with ideas together and it makes me happy to be able to help folks every day.  For those who have not already, please visit my business website: www.EmBracedInComfort.com.  You can read the “Testimonials” page to see what other patients are saying about my work.  If you have a need that I’ve not already addressed, email me or call me so we can come up with a solution.  I believe that with enough creativity, there is always a solution.  Lastly, I spend a lot of time just giving moral support wherever I can and to whomever needs it.  It has become my mission to make Scoliosis patients more comfortable, one garment at a time…and sometimes it’s one phone call of encouragement at a time.  I am blessed to have that calling and that occupation.  You can also find me on facebook under the name EmBraced In  Comfort.  Keep in touch!

Fabric Inspection
The updated look of the EmBraced In Comfort Bodysuit