Looking back and serving forward

While going through a heap of paperwork for my business the other day, I came across some printouts of some old email correspondence between me and a certain top exec at a company in the Scoliosis field – I had just shown the company my invention and my idea and his words back to me were very discouraging. I had a hard time reading them again, even a couple years later. He pretty much said that I was just one Mom and that while my idea looked decent, there wasn’t much need for it and that I’d never sell enough to make it “worth it”. Then today when I got home from some time out with the family we had a message on the machine. The message was from an extremely grateful parent that I just sent some altered brace shorts to – they were altered so that her daughter could wear them much more comfortably – it basically made the brace tolerable for her daughter to wear. And this is not an isolated message – parents and patients call me often with thanks on their hearts. What I have found is that every child is unique in the way they tolerate wearing a brace from day to day. The executive that wrote me that email was correct – I have only been able to touch a small portion of the scoliosis population with my solutions for their comfort. But, the ones that I do touch, I touch deeply, and that is what makes it “worth it” for me. If I can provide support,comfort, personalized service and, most importantly, compassion and caring for just a few – doesn’t that make it “worth it?” I sure think so, which is why God gave ME this opportunity. My philosophy since starting this business is to go forth with the heart of a servant – care about the patients, take care of them to the best of my ability, and not to worry about profits or losses. I make intelligent business decisions, but customer service is always first for me and I hope it always will be because getting those messages from parents who I’ve never set eyes on but whose lives I’ve been able to make easier, that is what makes me go on with the long hours and the overwhelming nature of starting a business. Serving others is always what makes life “worth it.” I encourage everyone to go out and serve another today – because Jesus came to serve, not to be served, and that is the long and short of it. Have a blessed day!

Life Since Scoliosis Rehab

Well, during our trip to Wisconsin, I was very good about diligently updating on our experience there…however, lots of “life” happened towards the tail end of the trip, so I am just now getting to my final thoughts on it – one month later!  Oh well, better late than never, I suppose.  I cannot say enough positive things about our time at the Scoliosis Rehab center.  The staff was wonderful, the therapists very knowledgeable, and the town was a quaint, quiet place to visit.  We went home with all sorts of homework and equipment to make and install in our home and, even though we were zealous at first, I’m sorry to say we have not done the exercises once since we got back.  The “life” that crept up on me and prevented me from writing is preventing us from getting started, but I think June will be a great month for progress in that area.  My husband and kids are done with school tomorrow and he will be ready to work on the house, work on the equipment we need to make, and work with “C” to get her back on track.  At least that is the plan. 🙂  We all know the best laid plans also go elsewhere, but it’s important to plan nonetheless because without the plan and good intention, the task has 100% chance of failure.  At least this way we have some chance of success in June.  Here’s to success in June!!  Lots of “life” to weed through and haul out of the way, but I think it looks clear on the other side of the pile…

"C" poses for a photo with Beth Janssen of Scoliosi Rehab