Schroth Therapy – Day 1

Today started our adventure at Scoliosis Rehab learning the Schroth Method of Physical therapy. When we first walked in the door, we were overcome by the beauty of the clinic – with its gorgeous wood accents and soft, soothing music. The staff was incredibly friendly and respectful and really set the tone, putting “C” atContinue reading “Schroth Therapy – Day 1”

Scoliosis Rehab, Here we come!

Today at 7:30am, my daughter and I loaded up into the van, headed 45 minutes to my parents’ house to pick up “Grandma Jenny” and then proceeded to drive until we reached Stevens Point, WI at about 7pm local time. The weather was terrible – it was either raining or downpouring with wind the entireContinue reading “Scoliosis Rehab, Here we come!”