Schroth Therapy – Day 1

Today started our adventure at Scoliosis Rehab learning the Schroth Method of Physical therapy. When we first walked in the door, we were overcome by the beauty of the clinic – with its gorgeous wood accents and soft, soothing music. The staff was incredibly friendly and respectful and really set the tone, putting “C” at ease from the first handshake. The session started with a comprehensive evaluation of “C”‘s curve, muscle strengths, and flexibility. I learned a LOT of details about the spine and Scoliosis that I never knew before. We spent about an hour working on the basic exercises then we went back to the hotel to “chill” for a while.

Our second session involved more exercises and we also got to meet Sherri, who is very familiar with working with young kids. After about an hour and 45 minutes, “C” was very tired, but we both learned a lot and were very impressed by our initial impression of the staff and therapy presented to us. More tomorrow…time to stop tapping on keys and keeping the others awake… shhhh… 🙂

Scoliosis Rehab, Here we come!

Today at 7:30am, my daughter and I loaded up into the van, headed 45 minutes to my parents’ house to pick up “Grandma Jenny” and then proceeded to drive until we reached Stevens Point, WI at about 7pm local time. The weather was terrible – it was either raining or downpouring with wind the entire way here and I drove all but an hour of the way, but “C” was great and we were able to have a nice dinner and a swim before settling in for the night. I was able to borrow my parents’ laptop, so I can record the journey a bit easier as we take on the best Schroth clinic in the country. So far “C” was so excited that we got a noise complaint from downstairs, but I’m sure tomorrow will tell a different story as she realizes the work and effort she needs to put into the therapy – four hours are on the agenda for tomorrow! Yikes! But, if any 8-year-old can handle it, she can. For now, we are enjoying what there is to be enjoyed – a pool, hot tub (where we met a very nice couple with family from Caro – near where we are from – of all places), and let’s not forget the free cookies in the lobby and the channels! (we haven’t had cable or satellite since “C” was a baby, so we enjoy the occasional ability to surf through all the channels – I think “C” was watching the weather channel earlier of all things) 🙂 Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 in our adventure. Until then…yawn…it’s time to head for lights out!

In Remembrance

Today I look back at my Mother, Cynthia Kay Kaetzel, as this is the 14th Anniversary of her death.  I don’t want to dwell on the shock and suddenness of her actual death, but I wish to remember her and all the ways she influenced me: the traits that made her not only a unique Mother, but a strong, independent woman.  Many of the traits about her I cannot possibly know, as I mostly knew her as Mother, and could not see what her parents, sisters, friends, and spouses saw.  But I do know this:

First and foremost, she was  a Mother, who would go to any lengths for her children.

She was a loving wife who lived in a way that demanded love and respect from her husband.

She was strong and independent, always going after what she wanted and needed and never settling for less.

She was a businesswoman – strong, savvy, and capable.

She was a leader and teacher, going above and beyond at every turn to love the abandoned and lonely who other teachers shied away from

She was a creator, who taught me how satisfying it can be to put pieces of fabric together to create beautiful and functional works

She was an occasionally troubled soul – who strived to overcome many difficulties, while still possessing the capacity to give to her family and friends and others who needed her.

She was beautiful, inside and out, but someone who never appreciated her real beauty.

She was someone I am proud and blessed to name my daughter after. 

She was all I’ve described here, and so much more that is impossible to put into words.  I thank God that the day she died, April 6, 1996, the day before Easter, I was reminded that I may not have her in this life, but, his Easter promise is that we all can join him in Heaven one day where I am confident I will see her again.
My favorite picture of Mom