Great News!

Hi everyone.  I must admit I’ve been very lax at updating this blog.  The truth about the disease of scoliosis is that it’s a big waiting game, and while we wait between appointments, and carry out the day-to-day routine of therapy and appointments and bracing, life goes on.  Our lives have been extremely busy, so I was surprised with the kids’ 4 month checkup with the Orthopedist came up last week.  As usual with me, I was starting to worry several days ahead of time.  But, we were very pleasantly suprised to find “C” had a 10 degree improvement since going into her Cheneau.  Her previous x-ray indicated a 64 degree curve, and her current x-ray measured at 48 degrees.  There is the 5 degrees plus or minus that everyone expects, so I’m thinking 10 degrees improvement is about right and I’m thrilled with ANY improvement.  At first the Doctor said that we didn’t have any improvement, but when she presented us with the measurements, the numbers told a different story.  Our Doctor is leery of getting our hopes up, I think, and she doesn’t feel that bracing works, so I’m sure she wanted to downplay any improvement.  And, we move forward with the appropriate feelings of gratitude, but trepidation that we cannot relent.  My daughter can see that all her hard work is paying off, but we’re going to continue to step up her workload when it comes to controlling this disease.  In February we venture back to the Washington DC area to have another brace adjustment with Luke Stikeleather, and I am in the process of setting up a trip to Wisconsin to undergo a three day introduction to the Schroth method of physical therapy.  And, of course, we continue daily exercises with the Pettibon technique.  So, we continue to work, watch, and wait and we’ll see what happens in another 4 months.  But, I do know these things: she’s not getting worse, she’s not in any pain, she’s perfectly comfortable in her brace, and no surgery – not yet.  I can live with that for another 4 months of life.

As for our son, he’s doing great!  No change, so no brace yet.  I told her as soon as we see an increase, we’ll get him into at least a nighttime brace, but for now, he’s holding and we’re thrilled.  We’ll continue therapy with him as well.

Blessings to everyone this New Year!