Totally active family.

We are a very active family.  Sometimes we are active apart (I work out daily, Andy lifts weights daily, the kids do their gymnastics and baseball).  But, sometimes we are active together.  Being active helps all areas of your life – spiritual, emotional, and it can only help any physical ailments you have, if youContinue reading “Totally active family.”

My darling boy!

Here is an exerpt from a conversation with my 5-year-old son, “V”, this morning as we were driving home: Me: “What would you like for your TV time?” “V”: “I’ll give you three clues.  First, What am I playing now?” Me: “Transformers” “V”: “CORRECT!  Two, now how many people are in our family?” Me: “Four” “V”:Continue reading “My darling boy!”

Big Trucks do wonderous things!

This afternoon the big trucks were out on the country roads near my house as I made my way home from running errands.  They were in the process of doing some much-needed cleanup on our drainage ditches.  I ran home, unloaded the groceries, packed my lunch, and headed out to get “V” from school.  He hadContinue reading “Big Trucks do wonderous things!”

The sweet smell of life during foul smelling times

The reminders today have come from both ends of the spectrum.  A friend mentioned that he had to sit and wait while his co-workers were picked off slowly, one by one – laid off from their jobs as he waited to be let go of his.  Every day it seems we are reminded of theContinue reading “The sweet smell of life during foul smelling times”

The ever-scary visit to the orthopedic surgeon

We went this morning to the pediatric orthopedic surgeon for my daughter’s checkup and my son’s first visit.  He has a mild case (which we knew), and “C” is holding at a 55degree curve.  It’s a scary level, but they are still not recommending surgery, so we hold onto hope.  “V”:  The first thing she saidContinue reading “The ever-scary visit to the orthopedic surgeon”


After I had my daughter nestled comfortably in her Spinecor brace, I continued to spend time on the message boards only to find that a lot of moms needed solutions for their children and how they could maneuver in the brace and use the facilities while in their brace.  Each doctor appointment we went to resulted in the  sameContinue reading “CLICK HERE TO TRY A FREE BODYSUIT!”