Welcome to my world


It was just over a year ago when I first looked at my dripping wet 6-year-old daughter when she got out of the tub and noticed something was not quite right.  Her rib cage looked shifted to the left.  Strange, I thought.  I showed my husband and he didn’t think much of it, but we both thought we better take a trip to the doctor. 

I don’t know if my denial gene was in full force, but I never thought of scoliosis.  Wasn’t that for older kids, anyway?  I knew my husband has it, but only since his teenage years.  But, sure enough, when she bent over and touched her toes in the doctor’s office that day, I saw it plain and clear – and it was completely obvious.  Had I just not been paying attention?  If she wasn’t so skinny and her ribs weren’s so visible, would I not have noticed?  For how long?  Questions streamed through my mind, but I knew one thing for sure: this would start an adventure for our family that would last for many years. 

I am a woman of faith, as you will see throughout my telling of our adventures, and I knew three things for sure: 1.  God would give me (and us) the strength to do what was necessary 2.  God has a plan for us, and 3.  This wasn’t going to be easy, but, in the end we would be OK.  Not perfect, but OK.  If you are struggling with similar issues in your family, please join us on our adventure.  Share in our stories, share in our heartache, share in our triumphs, but mostly, I hope you can share in our hope.  And, for family members and friends who just want an update on our lives, well, you can come for that, too.  Blessings to you all, and please come back for more as I learn how to use this amazing communication tool!  And, post back telling me your stories as well.