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Hi. We are the Beauvais Family and this is our journey through Scoliosis…a journey we have been on for more than a decade! Why are we the “Scoliosis Family”? Well…we have one parent (Dad) with Scoliosis and two kids who started their Scoliosis journey at 5 years old. And, Mom supports Scoliosis patients every day through the business EmBraced In Comfort.

We hope you enjoy reading about our Scoliosis adventures!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Tina. I’m the only non-Scoliosis person in our family, but I spend every day supporting Scoliosis Families through this blog and through my business EmBraced In Comfort, which provides functional and comfortable undergarments for people who wear Scoliosis braces. I started this blog at the beginning of our journey, more than a decade ago! I wanted to provide some unbaised support for families going through what we went through – and we went through IT ALL! (Well, almost). Read more

I hope you enjoy our journey through Scoliosis!